Presentation Stefan Milcu Technical College

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Presentation Stefan Milcu Technical College

Technical Colege “Ştefan Milcu” Calafat aims to ensure the needed premises to develop a modern system of learning, of quality, opened, focused on promoting the values of european democracy.

Technical College „Ştefan Milcu” Calafat is located in Dolj County on national route E70, at the entrance of Calafat city serving an area with a surface of about  30 square kilometers

The school has started it`s activity with 14 pupils and has functioned initially on a period of 3 years. So it`s explainable the appearence of the first promotion în 1925 made of just 9 pupils out of 14 registered.

In the year 1926 The superior school of Commerce is founded and has shared the perimeter until 1927 with The Elementary School of Commerce, each of them having their own school commity.

In the year 1935 the Superior School of Commerce ends it`s activity, after  the school gave 6 promotions with  190 accountant graduates.

            In the year 1941 the  The Commercial Highschool for Boys comes to life having the following structure : - Ist grade with 45 pupils recorded from  26 villages - V th grade with 59 pupils recorded from 19 villages

At 6 of March 1945 thte school has given it`s first promotion of 21 graduates.

În the school year 1952 – 1953 The Medium Technical Accounting School, has come to life preparing the field to organise The Agricultural Schooling Centre, at 1st of  April 1954, which detained under it`s command three types of school :       

1.Profesional School of tractorist, with the duration of 1 year – 30 pupils ;

2.Profesional school of combine driving, with the duration of  2 years– 80 pupils ;

3.Technical médium school, found inliquidation .

Starting with 1965, the school gets a new organisational stability foundind it`s self among the first schools of it`s type, from the country. Earning the status of hghschool, it is strfuctured on two sections : accounting and agricultural merceology as well as agronomy.

Between the years 1975-1989 the school has been known under the name of Agro Industrial Highschool :  with the profiles: economical, agricultural, veterinary, horticultural.

After 1989 sthe profiles have been diversified according to the requirements of the economy and of the area in which Calafat is placed, so that the school has been named Agricultural Schooling Group , eventogh the economical profile is the one which developed very fast coexisting with the profiles: veterinary, mechanichal, horticultural, forest.

Starting with  17 of March 2000 the highschool bares the names  Schooling Group “Ştefan Milcu after the name of  academy teacher and doctor Ştefan Milcu.

Starting with 1st September 2008 our highschool has bcome TECHNICAL COLLEGE “ŞTEFAN MILCU” , thru the approval of  MINISTRY OF EDUCATION RESEARCH AND YOUTH .

In the school year 2015/2016, the school has functioned with the profiles :

  • economical with specialization economy and commerce;
  • mechanical, with specialisation CAD  projectant and mechanicof maintainance;
  • resources, with specialisation agriculture veterinary.

The school has had at the beginning of the school year 2015/2016 a number of  545 pupils contained in 21 highschool classrooms and 2 professional highschool.  At the end of the school year a number of 538 pupils have remained.

In the school year 2016/2017, the school functions with  20 highschool classrooms and 3 professional classrooms, containing a number of 530 pupils.

The patrimony of the school unit is composed of  30 buildings, out of which 7 are still functioning today, in which there are 36 classrooms,     laboratories, library with 23.600 volumes, sport room,    workshops,  methodical cabinets. The rest of the building is still conserving. All of them are spread on a field of about 10ha. Te school also ownes 20ha agricultural terain.

The learning spaces respect both the hygienic and sanitary norms for which it was agreed upon to function. Didactical material base corespond to the developing norms of a modern way of lerning and has been improved as a result  managing the funds thru the Phare Program TVET 2004-2006. 

Partnership and projects / programmes in which the school and it`s didactical personnel  of the school has been involved:

  • The Project “ I CAN BE HEALHY”
  •  The Project ONES ( Human, Nature, Equilibrium, Health”
  • The project –PISA
  • The Project“ Food 4 You”
  • “Educational Cultural Bridge over  Europe”- in partnership with Italy
  • The Project ERASMUS +, aso.


Most of the pupils from the Technical College “Şt. Milcu” Calafat, come from rural area, many of them from disadvantaged families, benefiting in a large number, about 220, schoolarships “Highschool money”. Starting with the last school an increased of the pupils coming from disarticulated families, which sets the base for an increased school abandonment  .


Taking in  consideration  the  experience aquired we think that our institution  can be a partner capable to fulfill succsfully it`s responsabilities in this project and to ensure to the people of the target group the conditions of developing the necessary competences to keep studying and integrating into the society.

































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