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FREE YOUTH CENTRE association is a non-government and non-profit organization created in 1997 and registered under Bulgarian legislation in social utility. FYC mission is to support the personal development of the young people in Vidin and Northwestern Bulgaria, as free citizens in a democratic society through involving them in educational programs and community activitiesis. More about us...


11-13.01.2018The first volunteer exchange under the project "Moving Borders for Volunteering" took place in Vidin with the participation of young people from the network of volunteer centres from Bulgaria and Serbia. The agenda of the meeting included real volunteering in social services in the city, as well as presentations and discussions on volunteering. See more

22.12.2017With a Christmas party, many gifts and a good mood ends a successful year at the Centre for Work with Street Children, a social service created and run by the Free Youth Centre in the Roma neighborhood of Vidin. See more

14-15.12.2017In Craiova, Romania took place the closing event under the project "Community Opposition of Disatrous Events - CODE" - the conclusion forum. It collected 40 participants from volunteer units for disaster protection, local authorities and experts from Bulgaria and Romania. The aim of the forum was to report the results, to evaluate and provide sustainability of the collaboration. See more

07-08.12.201707-08.12.2017In Craiova, Romania took place the closing event under the project "Safe Schools Network" - the conclusion forum. It collected 40 participants from education and disaster protection, trainers, volunteer club leaders and experts form Bulgaria and Romania. The aim of the forum was to report results, achievements and lessons learned, to evaluate, disseminate and plan the future of the network. See more

11-12, 18-19.11.2017. In Montana and Dupnitsa, two two-day workshops were held for youth leaders and youth workers under the Youth Riders project. The themes of the training were "Organizing of events" and "Organizing successful volunteer initiatives and campaigns", respectively. See more

30 - 31.10.2017. A two-day meeting of experts from Bulgaria and Romania was held in Ruse, Bulgaria under the Regional Network for Social Cohesion project. The objectives of the meeting included familiarization with the results of the survey of the social services systems in both countries as well as determination of the themes and procedures for participation in the capacity building activities of the project. See more

04 - 08.10.2017. In Medicius Hotel, Vurshets was held a camp for the winners of the national competitions for protection against disasters and accidents from Bulgaria and Romania under the project "Safe Schools Network". Camp programme included interactive youth leadership and volunteer training, as well as an international BAC competition. See more

28 - 29.09.2017. At the polygon at the qualification centre of the Regional Fire Protection and Civil Protection Directorate - Montana, a joint practical exercise was conducted for volunteers on rescue in case of disasters and accidents. The sexersise was attended by 30 volunteers from Bulgaria and Romania who, in interaction with professionals, trained actions in case of earthquak, flood and catastrophe.See more

30.08 - 04.09.2017. A youth leaderscamp was held in the Kamnitsa Hill,near Nis, Serbia. The camp was attended by 40 young people, 20 from each country - representatives of youth and working with youth organisations from the border region. Two training sessions were held - Strategic Planning and Advocacy and Public Relations. AMemorandum to build a cross-border youth network was signed and an Address to the public authorities of both countries was drafted duringthe last two days. See more

28.06 - 02.07.2017. In Belogradchik took place five-day training of leaders of volunteer centers, which foreseen to be built under the project "Moving borders for volunteering". The topic of training was related to the development of social volunteering. See more

15 - 16.06.2017. A national disaster and accident protection contest for students from the volunteer clubs of the ten partner schools under the "Safe Schools Network" project took place in Vidin. The first place was won by volunteers from school "St. Cyril and Methodius" - Vidin, second - from "Ivan Vazov" - Berkovitsa and third from "Lyuben Karavelov" - Vidin. See more

05 - 09.06.2017. In Bor, Zajecar, Pirot, Nis and Vranje, Serbia, series of public debates were held with representatives of local authorities, youth and working with youth organizations and institutions on topic of Youth Policy and Activism. The main participants in the discussion were also young activists - Youth Riders from Bulgaria. See more

29.05 - 02.06.2017. In the towns of Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pernik and Kyustendil in Bulgaria were held a series of public debates with representatives of local authorities, youth and working with youth organizations and institutions on the topic Youth Policy and Activism. The main participants in the discussions were Youth Riders (youth activists) from the Republic of Serbia. See more

20.05.2017. Free Youth Centre completed a series of 18 two-day training seminars for members of voluntary units for disaster protection and municipal officials from Vidin and Montana districts, conducted by the organization to improve emergency preparedness.See more

17-19.05.2017. In Nicosia, Cyprus, took place the second partner meeting under the InforMath project. The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the progress and to plan the next project period, as well as the development of intellectual products - tool-kits for non-formal learning in mathematics. See more

19-20.04.2017. The second meeting of experts on volunteering and social work from Bulgaria and Serbia took place in Zajecar, Serbia. The purpose of the meeting was to accept the methodology for social volunteering developed under the project "Moving Borders for Volunteering". See more

30.03 - 02.04.2017. The first training of youth leaders from Bulgaria and Serbia under the project Youth Riders took place in Montana, Bulgaria. Attendents in the course learned about youth policies of both countries and prepared public discussions on these issues, which will be held with their participation. See more

24-25.03.2017. In Vidin, Bulgaria, took place a meeting of experts on volunteering and social work from Bulgaria and Serbia under the project "Moving Boundaries for Volunteering." The purpose of the meeting was to adopt a report of a comparative study of social volunteering in the border region and to develop guidelines for the elaboration of a common methodology for volunteering in the social sphere. See more

26.01.2017. At the ceremony in Regional Directorate of Ministry of Interior- Vidin the chairman of the Free Youth Centre was awarded a diploma for "specific and substantial contribution to fire safety and protection of the population" within the regional stage of the national contest "Fireman of the Year - 2016". See more

FYC Donors

European Commission (PHARE, ESF, EFRD, Socrates, Europe for Citizens, Youth/Youth in Action, Erasmus+ programmes), United Nation Development Programme, Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation), US Embassy, Royal Netherlands Embassy, USAID (Bulgaria Found), Peace Corps, National Democratic Institute (USA), Ministry of Labor and Social Policy,Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme, Municipality of Vidin.