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FREE YOUTH CENTRE association is a non-government and non-profit organization created in 1997 and registered under Bulgarian legislation in social utility. FYC mission is to support the personal development of the young people in Vidin and Northwestern Bulgaria, as free citizens in a democratic society through involving them in educational programs and community activitiesis. More about us...


10.12.2020. As a result of the competition for local partners in the project "Moving Borders for Emergency Volunteering" the following candidates were approved: Association "New Way" - Hayredin, High Scgool "Ivan Vazov" - Varshets, Foundation "Modernity" - Botevgrad and Centre for support for personal development - Radomirl. Welcome on board!

22-23.10.2020The final conference of the "Region of Youth Participation" project took place in Aleksinac, Serbia. All partner schools from both countries took part in its work, and the Bulgarian ones were present online due to the measures against the spread of the cronavirus. The agenda of the event included reporting and evaluation of what was done under the project, as well as planning for the future. The forum officially established the cross-border network by signing a Memorandum.See more.

19-21.10.2020. The training of the team of the Center for work with street children (a social service developed by the FYC) took place in Vratsa. The topic of the seminar was "NPL coaching", with a lecturer from the Academy of Coaching - Sofia. Participants gained basic skills to use the method and to apply it in their social work. See more.

15-16.10.2020The first expert meeting of specialists in civil protection and youth work from Bulgaria and Serbia was held in Varshets in the implementation of the project "Moving Borders for Emergency Volunteering". The purpose of the meeting was to develop a task for a joint methodology for training young volunteers in this direction. See more.

12-14.10.2020The third student exchange under the project took place in Vranje, Serbia. Again, only Serbian students physically participated in the exchange, while their Bulgarian peers joined online. The topic of the exchange was "Deadly Candy". During the event, the work done so far on the network project and the role of student parliaments in the fight against drug addictionwere discussed. The participants had the opportunity to hear the opinion of experts.See more.

05-07.10.2020The second student exchange under the project took place in Prokuplje, Serbia. Due to the COVID crisis, only students from Serbia were present, while Bulgarians participated online. The topic of the exchange was "Healthy food". Participants had the opportunity to learn about the experience of the host school - Agricultural High School, to cook together and make a healthy weekly menu. See more.

23-25.09.2020. The first of the planned three exchange visits took place in Montana, Bulgaria. The theme of the event was the network project "Famous people and events". The guests from Serbia also got acquainted with the Bulgarian educational system and the sights of the city. And as the main result of the visit, everyone put friendship in the first place. See more.

12.08.2020. The Free Youth Centre Association announces a tender procedure under PRAG with the object "Logistics and Transport Services" in the implementation of the project "Moving Borders for Emergency Volunteering". The deadline for submission of offrets is September 14, 2020, 16.00. The tender dossier can be downloaded here.

13-16.02.2020An international festival of independent documentary film under the motto "Positively Different" was held in Athens, Greece. The festival also included amateur films made by partners of "Through the Lens of the Other" project, including the film by the Free Youth Centre for good examples in the Nov Pat neighborhood. See more.

30-31.01.2020A round table entitled "Municipal Youth Policies - Findings and Opportunities for Development" was held at Hotel "Bistra and Galina" - Rousse. 26 representatives of local authorities, youth homes and NGOs from all participating municipalities - Pleven, Lovech, Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Razgrad, Targovishte and Silistra took part in the work. The participants got acquainted with the research and evaluation of indicators and worked on improving local policies in the future. See more.

09-13.12.2019Belogradchik, Bulgariahosted the planned five-day training of youth leaders from the student parliaments and youth workers (coordinating thework of parliaments adults) from the 12 Bulgarian and Serbian schools participating in the project. The training aimed to prepare them for work in these structures of youth self-government, as well as to test the developed handbook. It was attended by 48 representatives of the target groups and a mixedteam composed of Bulgarian and Serbian trainers. See more.

02-06.12.2019A training seminar on the Ever Schools project took place in Setubal, Portugal, with four representatives of a Free youth centre. The aim of the seminar, as well as the project itself, was to improve peace education in the participating countries. See more.

28-29.11.2019. In Vidin, a round table was held under the project "Civic Monitoring for Better Social Services", which presented the results of the conducted research and evaluation of social services policies in the district (including the 11 municipalities). The event was attended by more than 30 representatives of municipalities, directorates for social assistance and social services. See more.

26-27.11.2019The Second meeting ofYouth Leadership and Student Self-Government experts on the Region of Youth Participation project took place in Aleksinac, Serbia. The developed Methodology for Student Self-Government (Student Self-Government Handbook) was presented,commented on in detail and supplemented with some ideas. The Handbook will be used for the planned trainings and other activities. See more.

30.09 - 01.10.2019. The first meeting of experts from Bulgaria and Serbia was held at the "Skalite" Hotel - Belogradchik in connection with the development of a joint methodology for student self-government. At the meeting the results of the study of the current situation on the topic in both countries were also presented. See more.

09-18.09.2019. A youth exchange was held in Marsaxlokk, Malta, on the project "Trought the Lens of the Other". Representatives from 11 countries, including Bulgaria, took part in it. The "Cross-Sectoral Approach to Working with LGBTQI +, Refugees and Migrants, People Experienced Violence and Torture" and "Audiovisual Techniques for Capturing Short Stories" were presented. Particularly interesting was the second part of the exchange, in which young people generated ideas for filming. See more.

05-06.07.2019. An expert meeting was held in Veliko Tarnovo on the project "Danube Youth Agenda". In both days the public and civilian actors worked on the indicators included in the Methodology for Monitoring and Evaluation of Municipal Youth Policies. See more

28.06.2019. Free Youth Centre Association announces tender procedure under PRAG with object "Logistics and transport services" in implementation of project "Region of Youth Participation". The deadline for submition of offers is July 29, 2019 at 17:00. The dossier can be downloaded here.

10-14.06.2019 The last exchange of experience on the YouthEd project took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The hosts showed their accomplishments in their work with refugees in front of guests from Bulgaria, Spain, Morocco and Norway. See more

03-04.06.2019At Hotel Skalite - Belogradchik, an expert meeting is held under the project "Civil Monitoring for Higher Quality Social Services". The aim of the meeting was to adopt a methodology for independent evaluation of municipal social services strategies.See more

09.05.2019On the Day of Europe, the Center for Work with Street Children was attended by their Excellencies Mrs. Louise Bergholm - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden and Mrs. Paivi Blinknikka - Ambassador of Republic of Finland. See more

16-25.04.2019In Busteni, Romania, a training on the project "Trought the Lends of the Others" took place. Representatives of ten countries, including Bulgaria, took part in it. The main topics of the training were: "Inter-sectoral approach to working with LGBTQI +, refugees and migrants, people who have experienced violence and torture" and "Audiovisual techniques for short stories". Good practices were also discussed in dealing with persons subject to discrimination.See more

04-24.04.2019The information campaign for acquainting the target groups with the Danube Youth Agenda project and generating ideas for indicators for evaluation of municipal youth policy was completed. The municipalities of Pleven, Lovech, Rousse, Targovishte, Silistra, Razgrad, Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo were visited, where promotional meetings were organized. See more

01-02.04.2019The final conference on the project "Regional Network for Social Cohesion" took place in Craiova, Romania, with 46 representatives of the social services sector from Bulgaria and Romania. The forum presented and evaluated the results of the project, set up an informal cross-border network and identified sustainability measures for the initiative. See more

12.2018 - 03.2019Completed the cycle of 6 cross-border visits for exchange of experience between organizations and institutions from Bulgaria and Romania, active in the field of social services. Twelve similar structures took part in the activity, 6 from each country.See more

12.03.2019An information meeting and workshop was held in Vidin to present the project Civil Monitoring for Better Quality Social Services funded by the Operational Programme "Good Governance" and implemented by RISE association in partnership with Free Youth Centre. The meeting also served to generate ideas on the implementation of monitoring. See more

11-12.02.2019The second partner meeting of YouthEd partners took place in the capital of Spain - Madrid. The target of the meeting was maily to plan an upcoming training course in Istanbul. See more

17-18.01.2019 The first meeting of the partners of the project "Through the Lens of Other" was held in the capital of Germany - Berlin. The project is funded as a pilot initiative on the new Erasmus + subprogramme Ënropean Youth Together". Free Youth Centre is a project partner on the Bulgarian side. See more

FYC Donors

European Commission (PHARE, ESF, EFRD, Socrates, Europe for Citizens, Youth/Youth in Action, Erasmus+ programmes), United Nation Development Programme, Council of Europe (European Youth Foundation), US Embassy, Royal Netherlands Embassy, USAID (Bulgaria Found), Peace Corps, National Democratic Institute (USA), Ministry of Labor and Social Policy,Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme, Municipality of Vidin.