Completed projects

1998 - 2020

Project Description Donor

Danube Youth Agenda

Development of a system for evaluation of municipal youth policy and testing it in 8 big municipalities in Danube region, North Bulgaria. Operative Programme Good Governance

Civil Monitoring for Better Social Services

Develompent of methodology and evaluation of regional policy for social services in Vidin district, including all municipalities. Operative Programme Good Governance

Region of Youth Participation

Empowering students self governence (students parliaments) in 12 schools in Western Bulgaria and eastern Serbia. Interreg-IPA Bulgaria - Serbia

Youth workers in education- new work approaches in schools that receive refugees and young single migrants, 2017-2019

Exchange of experience in work with young people from different cultural background. Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

Regional Network for Social Cohesion, 2017-2019

Development of cross-border cooperation between providers of social services from Bulgaria and Romania. Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

Programme Improving the Sustainability of the National Programme on Tuberculosis, 2016-2019

Prevention and tritment of tuberculosis among Roma population in Vidin district. MH, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Informath: Non-formal mathematics learning methodology outside of school, 2016-2018

Development of methods of informal mathematics Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

Moving Borders for Volunteering, 2016-2018

Creation of a crossborder network of volunteer centres in Bulgaria and Serbia Interreg IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia Programme

Youth Riders, 2016-2018

Joint campaign in Bulgaria and Serbia for development of youth policies in border region Interreg IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia Programme

Community Opposition of Disasteros Events (CODE), 2016-2018

Joint development of volunteer units for disaster and acsidents protection in Bulgaria and Romania Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

Safe Schools Network, 2016-2018

Creation of crossborder network of schools which put on focus diaster and acsident resistence Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme

Together For Youth Not in Employment Education or Training, 2015-2016

Support of NEETs Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth - Wester Balkans Window

Extension of effective treatment for the prevention and control of TB in Roma community, 2011-2015

Prevention and tritment of tuberculosis among Roma population in Vidin district. MH, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Decreasing the HIV vulnerability of young people at highest risk (15-24) through increasing the scope of services and programmes directed to young people, 2011-2015

AIDS prevention among young people in Vidin district. MH, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Family Action Support Programme (FASP), 2013-2014

Support programme for parents of street children Swiss programme for cooperation

InterFace, 2013-2014

Educational integration of Roma children ESF

eYouthDemocracy, 2013-2014

Youth democratic dialogue Greece - Bulgaria Youth in Action Programme

Knowledge without Frontiers (KWF), 2013-2014

Development of peer methods of education for prevention in Vidin, Bulgaria and Bor, Serbia Bulgaria - Serbia IPA crossborder cooperation programme

Bulgarian-Serbian Innovative Teaching Network (BSIT.NET), 2013-2014

Development of a professional network of Bulgarian and Serbian teachers Bulgaria - Serbia IPA crossborder cooperation programme

Volunteers for Social Cohesion (V4SC), 2012-2013

Development of youth voluntarism in social field in 4 regions in Romania and Bulgaria Romania - Bulgaria Cross-border Programme 2007-2013
Social Intergration with Social Effect - RISE, 2011-2012 Consolidation and sharing of experience between Bulgarian and Serbian social service providers Bulgaria - Serbia IPA crossborder cooperation programme
Enetrprise for Integration, 2010-2011 Development of a social enterprise in benefit of disadvanted Roma youth. ESF
Voluntary Service in Benefit of Roma Children, 2009-2010 European voluntary service Youth in Action Programme
Development of an Alternative Social Service - Centre for Family Type Accomodation for the Children from Novo selo Orphanage, 2009-2010 The project created a new community service for orphaned children in Novo Selo village. ESF
Smile School, 2009-2010 The project supported extra curricula activities for children in Roma neighborhood of Vidin. ESF
Together in the Past, Together in the Future, 2009-2010 The project devoped the cross-border cooperation between young people and schools from Nish, Serbia and Vidin, Bulgaria. Bulgaria – Serbia Neighborhood Programme
The project is working on prevention of trafficing of children and women from Roma ethnicity. USAID (Bulgaria Fund)
Territory of Participation, 2008-2009 The project support establishment of 21 clubs in 7 high schools - for Debates, Youth Leadership and PR. ESF
Assistance for Social Participation,
In the framework of the project 17 children with disabilities are receiving social care for prepared social asistants. ESF
The Children of the City, 2008 Work with street childen and school dropouts in the Roma quarter of Vidin. Social Assistance Fund- MLSP

Towns, which Benefit Youth,
2007 - 2008

The main aim of the project is to create Youth Action Plans of municipalities of Kula, Lom and Berkovitsa. PHARE CSDP 2005

Youth Caravan,

A traveling project, which build a youth network in the border area. PHARE CBC Serbia - Bulgaria

Separate is not Equal

Creation of a traveling exposition and web-site about desegregation of the public services in the United States. US Embassy
Europe wihout Borders
Collaboration between .young people from Bulgaria and Serbia on the thopic "Serbia in the EC" Open Society Institute
Volunteer Service Supporting Youth Activities,
Volunteers from the EC assist the work of FYC with Roma children and youth. YOUTH programme

Centre for Social and Educational Assistance

Creation of a centre for street children and early school leavers in the Roma neighborhood of Vidin PHARE Deinstitualization of Social Services

European Identities,

Organizing of European and national discussions about "European Identities" in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and Romania. European Commision, Europe for Citizens programme
Creation of a system for work with children with educational difficulties, using case management and volunteer work. Royal Netherlands Embassy
Fair of the Tolerance
Travelling performance about tolerance and human rights. YOUTH programme

Human Rights Education on Wheels

Travelling seminar for teachers about human rights education and implementation of a regional youth meeting on the same topic.
Council of Europe
Volunteers Against Discrimination,
Volunteer initiative for joint socializing activities with Roma children.
YOUTH programme
Roma Youth Development Project,
The project develops the capacity of Roma youth organizations in Vidin through training, consultations, and technical support.

Feel Bulgaria, Feel Romania,

In the framework of the project, a travelling youth happening was created and presented in 10 cities in NW Bulgaria and the Dolj District, Romania for an interactive introduction to the cultures of the two nations.
PHARE CBC Romania - Bulgaria
A partnership project (Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland, Great Britain, and Romania) for the creation of standards and programs for the development of the volunteer movement in Europe.

Socrates Programme (Grundtvig I)

In the framework of the project, 73 unemployed persons work as social assistants for over 200 elderly and ill people from Vidin.
UNDP, MLSP, Vidin municipality


Experimental work of youth volunteers with Roma children.
US Peace Corps
Unknown Ethnicity,
30 youth volunteers from Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria examined the culture of the Roma ethnicity and presented it in digital form.
Interkulurales Zentrum - Vienna, Council of Europe
Romanian and Bulgarian Youth in a Time of Cultural and Economic Fusion, 2004 Youth from Vidin and Craiova (Romania) created a calendar of the customs and traditions of the two nations. PHARE CBC Romania - Bulgaria
Together for a Better Future,
Youth from Vidin and Craiova (Romania) developed a program for prevention of negative social phenomena and held a race on the Day of Europe. PHARE CBC Romania - Bulgaria
Open Gate,
The project created a model for work with Roma children in Vidin who have dropped out of school or are at risk of dropping out. PHARE Civil Sociaty Development Programme
Vidin Youth Agenda,
Due to an advocacy campaign the City Council of Vidin adopted the principles of the European Charter for the participation of young people in the life of municipalities and regions. Royal Netherlands Embassy
"For Vidin" Campaign
As a result of the campaign, the problems of the Vidin citizens and civic organizations reached the candidates for mayor and city councilmen. National Democracy Institute (USA)
Youth Contribution against Discrimination of Roma,
In the framework of the project a school programme was created and tested for the fight against ethnic discrimination in Vidin. Council of Europe
Intercultural Youth Centre,
The project united the efforts of NGOs and institutions for the development of integrational youth programmes directed toward youth leadership, volunteer activity, and intercultural collaboration. US Embassy
Theatre and Tradition from North and South of the Danube,
20 theatre students created and presented an experimental production in the State Theatre in Craiova, Romania. PHARE CBC Romania - Bulgaria
Voluntary Bridge Against Discrimination,
Youth from Vidin and Nish (Serbia) examined questions about the access of Roma girls to education and turned the attention of the community to this problem. Interkulurales Zentrum - Vienna

Rabbit-breeding - a Chance for the Orphans,

A farm was made for rabbit-breeding in the Novo Selo orphanage, Vidin district. 50 youth received practical training in the farm.


Apprenticeship - a Chance for the Orphans,

15 youth from an orphanage acquired professional skills through apprenticeship in tailoring and building companies. bCAF
Volunteering for Good Neigbourhood,
24 volunteers from Vidin and Zajecar (Serbia) fulfilled joint activities with children from the orphange in Novo Selo, Vidin district.

Interkulurales Zentrum - Vienna

Chance for the Orphaned Children,

In the framework of the project a program was realized for the socialization and professional development of over 60 children from the orphanage in Novo Selo, Vidin district.


Youth Bridge for Good Neighbourhood,
Over 300 youth from Vidin, Nish (Serbia), and Craiova (Romania) co-operated in the realization of initiatives in the sphere of humanitarian activity, protection of human rights and youth leadership.

Fund 2000 for Youth Initiatives

Youth City Council,
After the implementation of elections, the Vidin Youth City Council was created.

US Embassy

Second Chance for Youth Roma,

30 Roma children at risk of dropping out of school from Vidin, Pernik, and Blagoevgrad were professionally trained through apprentiseship.
PHARE Civil Society Development Programme
Youth Support for the Thrid Sector,
120 volunteers were prepared for work in basic management of the third sector - charity, human rights, and ecology.

PHARE Civil Society Development Programme