Training Evacuation

24.10-2018  At 11.00 am at the Secondary School "K.Fotinov" a training evacuation was conducted as part of the DAC (Disaster, accidents, catastrophes) prevention program for 2018/2019, related to the training of students and employees how to behave in case  of fire and other unforeseen incidents on the territory of the school’s premises. The event was held jointly with the Regional Directorate Fire Safety and Population Prevention in Lom and under the supervision of junior inspector Tihomir Todorov. All activities in the fire action plan were followed: fire signal, fire brigade collection, announcing of pupils at school, teachers and staff for immediate evacuation via megaphone, school bell and radio, partial power cut in the fire area.

In the preparation and conducting of the training evacuation, students from club "Young Firefighters" took active participation in the event. They took care of the exits, helped evacuate children from the preparatory group and helped two injured students. Young firefighters took the victims out of the building under the supervision of school paramedic and gave them first aid.

The evacuation lasted for 3 minutes, meanwhile fire truck with the duty crew arrived in the school’s yard. Young firefighter informed Fire Safety and Population Prevention authorities about the situation - number of evacuated people, valuable documentation exportation, fire extinguishing actions, etc.

Officer Tihomir Todorov and the head of the shift on duty assessed as a pretty good actions made by students during the evacuation simulation and appreciated organizers and teachers for the well-done training evacuation and preparation of students.

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