Floods in the Vidin region

In April and May, the students of the Young Firefighters Club at Ivan Vazov School of Vidin conducted a survey of the most significant floods that arose from the inundated waters of the Danube in the area and the measures taken. They prepared a presentation with the data and introduced their classmates. They assessed the likely impact of raising water levels for humans and the environment. They made drawings on "The Waters of the Danube".

After studies made in the State Archive, they found that the catastrophic floods of Vidin had survived only in March 1942 and in 1792, 1838 and 1897. Floods with significant impact on infrastructure, human health and the environment occurred in the following years: 1940, 1970, 1981, and 2006. To prevent floods and to provide better protection for Vidin and the Vidin valley, during the period 1970-1983 began to strengthen the bank of the river, overlooking the existing and construction of new dikes and other facilities. The city dike was completed in 2007.

Photo №1- Strengthening the Danube Dyke in the Vidin Water Flood 15.06.1970.

Photo 2 - In the spring of 2006, the Danube River is a record high - 979 centimeters.

Photo №3-4 - 18.05.2014 - at Vidin, the Danube River level is 829 cm.

Photo # 5-6 - Drawings on "Danube Waters"


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