Explore what disasters (natural or man-made) have historical data and memories in your settlement. Describe them and illustrate them with photographs or drawings.


Fire at a church from Valea Stanciului

 Gazeta de Sud  - 3rd of July 2016

“A house of workship from Valea Stanciului commune burned on Saturday. Two special vehicles of the Firemen Station from Segarcea went there with water and foam, a special vehicle equipped with water and foam of the 2nd Intervention Guard Bechet and an operational team of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Oltenia” Dolj county, also went there. In about two hours of fighting with the fire, the firemen extinguished it. The roof made of wood with a sheet cover burned of a surface of about 200 m2. The probable reason of the fire is currently being discussed.”

The biggest flood in the history of Vidin struck the city in the early spring of 1942, when the Second World War was raging. The scale of the disaster is enormous, the catastrophe damage. At that time, a large part of the young men of Vidin were in Vardar Macedonia in the ranks of the Third Bin 'Infantry Regiment and at the disposal of the city is only a small military unit. However, the actions of the authorities were then perfectly orginized. 13 men and women are killed, and the evacuation of 19,000 people from the then 20,000 Vidin population is done in short time and without panic.

The disaster that has hit our resort town causes destruction besides the homes of its inhabitants and one of the symbols of Varshets - the pine park. The second largest artificial park in Bulgaria after the Borisov garden occupies an area of ​​800 decares with pine trees and specially transported exotic species. After the hurricane winds on January 31, 2015, the city's emblematic area of ​​recreation was devastated. The sluggish wind uproots huge trees, shuts down the roads to several villages, damages hundreds of roofs of houses, short electric wires, interrupts mobile communications.


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