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THE FLOODS are hydrographic hazards spreading on  Terra which produce big material damages and losses of human lives.

The experts from the Romanian Waters say that in the recent history, on the territory of Romania, the Danube has produced  three big floods. The most significant hydrographic events took place in January 1998, in March - May 2006 and in June - July 2010. the biggest damages have been produced during the floods from  2006, their value being, as the authorities have calculated, of about 340 millions Euro.

We have again some astonishing images from Dolj county, in the second day of the Easter Holidays. Some thousands of people are collecting their most valuable things from their houses, they put them in the available transport means and then they leave towards some more security places, running from the waters.

,,Yesterday - morning at 7.15 o’clock, the Danube pier from this area (with a surface of about 13.000 ha) Bechet – Dabuleni has been broken near Sarata locality, at the kilometre 670 on the Danube.

At the hour 7.50 it has been produced a damage of the compartmentalisation pier between the premises Ghidici – Rast – Bistret and Bistret – Nedeia – Jiu (with a surface of about 22.000 ha).,,-mentioned then by GAZETA DE SUD –a newspaper from Oltenia area.


The earthquakes are some sudden movements of the crust which produce elastic waves, reflected in trepidations with a strong impact upon the human settlements. Annually, on the globe, there is registered a number of 1 million earthquakes, but only a small part of them are strong enough to be considered as natural hazards.

In our country the most powerful earthquakes are registered in the seismic area of Vrancea, situated  in the curvature region of Carpathians mountains.  Such earthquakes were registered on the 26th of November 1802, 10th of November 1940 and 4th of March 1977.

The last one was really strong and it has been produced at 21:22:22 o’clock, having some devastating effects upon Romania, but also upon our locality. It had a  magnitude of 7,2 degrees on  Richter scale  and a duration of about 56 seconds, 1.570 victims, from which 1.391 only in Bucharest. At the level of the whole country a number of about11.300 injured persons has been registered and about  35.000 houses have crushed. The majority of the material damages were in Bucharest where more than 33 buildings and big blocks of flats crushed. The earthquake also affected Bulgaria. In Sviștov city, three blocks of flats have been destroyed and more than 100 people died.  The earthquake epicentre  was localized in Vrancea areas, the most active seismic area from the county, at a depth of about 100 km. The sock wave felt in almost the whole Balcank mountains.

Damages in Dolj:

  • 40.675 damaged housing buildings (537 crushed, 180 damages blocks of flats)
    More than 200 schools, 39 companies, 442 trade companies
    More than 100 churches


,,If we consider 64 years from the earthquake from 1977 it results 2041. This is the big earthquake which can be in Vrancea. I’m not saying this,  it results from the calculations. An earlier earthquake cannot happen, but I wouldn’t wanted to be the manager in that period  within the institute that I am managing now”,  Gheorghe Mărmureanu has declared in a TV programme.

We should remember that over the admitted limits mentioned by the  specialists in this field, in case of earthquakes, in front of the unleashed Danube or in front of the prolonged periods of drought nobody can stand  or resist, no matter how powerful he is!

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