15.02.2019 The network project TO DRAW THE DISASTER aims to collect artworks from Bulgarian-Romanian safe schools network and to make an online exception. There is no limits of type of artworks - they can be drawings, collages, etc. on the topic „nature disaster”. We are expecting up to max. 5 artworks per school (color photos of them) until the end of March 2019.

Here you can see the award winning artworks of students from the school "Konstantin Fotinov" - Lom, participants in the network project "To Draw the Disaster".

  1. "Precursor of the Storm", Ivelin Todorov Georgiev, club "Artists of Safety"
  2. "Tsunami", Daniel Emilov Dimitrov, club  "Artists of Safety"
  3. "Save the Forest", Esther Kamenova Ilieva, club "Artists of Safety"
  4. "Save the Child", Nadia Ivanova Petrova, club "Artists of Safety"
  5. "Sea Storm", Tsvetko Georgiev Ivanov, club "Artists of Safety"
  6. "Tornado", Rositsa Alyosheva Maneva, club  "Artists of Safety"


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