15.02.2019 The network project TO DRAW THE DISASTER aims to collect artworks from Bulgarian-Romanian safe schools network and to make an online exception. There is no limits of type of artworks - they can be drawings, collages, etc. on the topic „nature disaster”. We are expecting up to max. 5 artworks per school (color photos of them) until the end of March 2019.

See the artworks of the students of St. Cyril and St. Methodius School - Vidin on the topic "Drawing the disaster".

These are drawings on the subject "Drawing the disaster" of the students from Ivan Vazov school, Berkovitsa, Bulgaria..
  1. Violeta Angelova Yonova
  2. Valentin Ivov Velkov.
  3. Ivana Nikolaeva Ivanova.
  4. Martin Emilov Gogov.
  5. Donko Rosenov Todorov.
  6. Daniela Petrova Raykova.

"Flooding" - Katherine Ivova Dimitrova - 5th grade
"Flash" - Deyan Milenov Ivanov - 5th grade
"Fire" - Pamela Tsvetan Dimitrova - 5th grade


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