Guides and activity kits

Volunteer Manual - Vidin, 2006

Volunteer Manual (for foreign volunteers) - Vidin, 2008

9 Themes about Human Rights - activity kit, Vidin, 2004

Separate is not Equal - teacher's guide, Vidin, 2008

Model Programmes for Prevention of Trafficing and Social Exploatation of Roma Women and Children at Risk - Vidin, 2009


Project brochures and collections

Enterprise for Integration - collection

Centre for Work with Street Children

Centre for Social and Educational Assistance

Assistance for Social Participation

Towns, which Benefit Youth - collection

Smile School

Civil monitoring on social services' system in Vidin district (report)



Enterprise for Integration

Youth Volunteering

Anti Trafficing

Towns, which Benefit Youth

Territory of Participation

Separate is not Equal

Smile School