What is Free Youth Centre?


FREE YOUTH CENTRE association is a non-government and non-profit organization created in 1997 and registered under Bulgarian legislation in social utility. FYC mission is to support the personal development of the young people in Vidin and Northwestern Bulgaria, as free citizens in a democratic society through involving them in educational programs and community activitiesis.


Youth Voluntary Service. The programme aims to develop youth leadership and volunteering as forms of active participation of young people in the public life and to increase the social capital. From 2003 FYC is a hosting foreign volunteers organization - from US Peace Corps and European Voluntary Service.

Social and Educational Assistance. The Free Youth Center is a provider of six types of social services at the Center for Street Children. In 2004 such a center was established in the Roma neighborhood of Vidin, which initially worked with the help of various donors, and is currently a state delegated activity. The main goal of the programme is to improve the well-being of disadvantaged or social children.

InterFace. This programme aims the integration of the young people from minorities (mainly Roma) in the Bulgarian society, development of the intercultural youth collaboration and fight against all kind of discrimination and intolerance.

International programme. FYC is working for Balkan and European youth collaboration. The centre is in partnership with organizations from Romania, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cypris, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Finland, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, UK, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, USA, Marocco, etc. The organization is an informational point of EuroDesk for Vidin.

Projects 2023


Reference number


Prognozed amound

Centre for Work with Street Children


Bulgarian State

184 196,25 BGN/year

InPower - Empowering of Children subjeted to ACEs


Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

207 073.00 EUR

Civic Monitoring for Improvement the Formulation and Implementation of Local Youth Policies


OP "Good governance"

51 266.30 BGN

Administration, civil society and business - partners
for effective management


OP "Good governance"

59 276.45 BGN

Caring for Roma children


P "Development of Human Resources"

160 587.00 BGN

Youth 4 Peace



629 105,43 EUR