Invitation to support Youth Pool initiative

15.02.2021 Registrations for Youth Pool has started! If you missed the Youth Pool video presentation, you may check it here or read the presentation here

Youth Pool is one of the outcomes of our collaboration as a network. In short, it includes a series of educational online meetings and offline group work activities with the aim to connect young people around the world for change. 

It is a great opportunity for the members of the network to connect with the young people of their community, present their work, network with other organisations beyond the established network and support youth ideas for change. Apart from the networking benefits, during the process, you may have the opportunity to present your ongoing projects and campaigns to the young people involved in Youth Pool, engaging them to your activities. 

All supporting organisations will need just to communicate the relevant information to their local youngsters and networks in order to give the opportunity to any interested person to participate (a FB post for example :)).  Apart from this, there are no other obligations for the supporting organisations. However, you may further support the participation of young people of your community in different ways (eg. provide space to connect and use your equipment to those who might not have access to such technology, organise together local interventions, use Youth Pool as a mechanism to engage your volunteers, share skills on the issues addressed within Youth Pool).

If you find this interesting and you or your staff members are within the age limits (16-30 years old), you may register here. Otherwise, you may share it within your network and colleagues to communicate this information with other young people of your community.

Please, let me know if you wish to become a supporting organisation and I will put you on our list so that young people from your community (and other organisations) will be able to notice your involvement in the Youth Pool.