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04 - 08.10.2017. In Medicius Hotel, Vurshets was held a camp for the winners of the national competitions for protection against disasters and accidents from Bulgaria and Romania under the project "Safe Schools Network". Camp programme included interactive youth leadership and volunteer training, as well as an international BAC competition.

Between 21 to 23 September 2017, Vasiliada Asociation implemented the National Competition from the project in Rojiste, Dolj County. 30 Volunteers from 10 schools from Dolj County accompanied by their clubs leaders participated in theoretical and practical exercises to verify their Knowledge and abilities in managing crises situation as a disaster, accidents, catastrophes.

15 - 16.06.2017. A national disaster and accident protection contest for students from the volunteer clubs of the ten partner schools under the "Safe Schools Network" project took place in Vidin. The first place was won by volunteers from school "St. Cyril and Methodius" - Vidin, second - from "Ivan Vazov" - Berkovitsa and third from "Lyuben Karavelov" - Vidin.

16.01. – 17.01. 2017 – A training session took place for school management and administration at Plaza Lake hotel, at Rojiste , in Dolj county. The 20 participants from the 10 schools involved in the project network have learn how to plan actions in disaster  case and haw to  manage human resources they are responsible for.

12. 01. – 15.01. 2017. At Plaza Lake hotel, at Rojiste , in Dolj county was held four days training of trainers for 20 teachers from 10 schools from Dolj county. The main purpose of the training was to be prepared how to attract and create volunteer clubs in schools and how to train them about disaster themes. They have achieved new methods of how to train students to handle with different disasters situations.

November 25-26, 2016 With two-day course for psychologists and school counselors from districts of Vidin and Montana was completed cycle of training for school communities in Bulgaria. The course was titled psychological assistance to victims of disaster and was held again in hotel "Skalite" in Belogradchik.

21-24.11.2016. In Belogradchik took place consistently two seminars for primary and secondary school teachers from partner schools under the project "Safe Schools Network." The theme of the training was protection from disasters and accidents at school. 

17-18.11.2016. In Belogradchik, Bulgaria took place a seminar for school management teams in planning the activities in disaster and accidents' protection at school. The activity is part of Bulgarian cycle of training under the project "Safe Schools Network" aimed at risk management. 

07-08.10.2016. In Belogradchik, Bulgaria was held the Second International Meeting of experts on the project,"Safe Schools Network" which aimed to approve developed methodical set of programs, educational materials, etc., which serve educational activities and planned competitions. The meeting was attended by 20 experts from Bulgaria and Romania in the field of education, protection from disasters and accidents, as well as psychologists. The forum examined the detailed materials and after some adjustments, they were approved.

07-10.09.2016. In Belogradchik took place a training of volunteer clubs' leaders in disaster protection from 10 schools of Vidin and Montana districts. Training is an activity of the project "Safe Schools Network" and was iplemented by project partner Regional Network of Innovative Education. 


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