Hazards in my place



 Bechet city, situated in the southern part of Dolj county, at the limit of Romania with Bulgaria, on the left shore of Danube river, is permanently is danger of  exceeding the flood limits of the Danube river. Thus, the main danger for the agricultural lands and for the security of the people from Bechet city is  represented by the floods. They manifest especially during the spring, when, because the winter snow melts, the level of the Danube waters increases, thus constituting a danger for the localities situated on its shore. After the floods from  1970 it has been taken the decision of building a protection pier against the Danube, pier which was used for protection against the floods, excepting the year 2006 when, because of the very big limits of the Danube waters, with all the efforts of the people from Bechet, Calarasi and Ostroveni of raising this pier with bags of sand, it has been broken by the Danube’s waters near Dabuleni city, the inhabitants from the valley of  Bechet being strongly affected.

Another danger which could also affect the inhabitants from Bechet city is a possible accident of the nuclear power plant from Kozlodui- Bulgaria, situated at some km. Periodically,  under the training of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations from Dolj, there took place some evacuation exercises in case of a nuclear accident  in the area.

In the same time, the soil of the agricultural lands from Bechet and from around mainly being sandy (excepting the Danube’s meadow), the danger of  desertification is also present in the area. In order to prevent this fact, a lot of efforts have been done for the forestation of some areas and for ”fixing” the soil.

In the summer period, because of the very high temperatures from the air and especially at the soil level, there is a fire danger in the wheat fields, or the fire which can be determined by some people’s distraction or because they unconsciously “fire the stubble”.

The same fire danger manifests in the winter period, because, in our area, the heating of the houses is done with stoves or with wood heating plants, the uncleaned or broken chimneys  being a fire source.

We should also remember the fact that Bechet city, being a frontier locality, there is a high danger as far as any kind of traffic  is concerned (traffic with persons, with forbidden substances, etc). Maybe now this fact happens lesser, because giving for use the bridge over the Danube from Calafat has reduced a lot the traffic over the Danube at Bechet. But for a long period of time  Bechet city was daily crossed in transit by hundreds of trucks which besides representing a real danger for road accidents were also transporting any kind of  dangerous “things, substances, persons” . Now this danger has been significantly reduced.

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