Describe the natural and man-made hazards that exist in your settlement. Refer to experts, historical data, statistics. Upload photos and other appropriate materials. Which of the listed hazards can affect the school community?



Bistret, a frontier locality, is situated on the margin of the lower terrace of the Danube. Only a distance of 7 km separates the Danube from the village area and a big part of this distance is also covered by waters (Balta Bistretului, where there was a fish farm, which is now in degradation,  having a surface of  1867ha and a volume of 28 mil cubic meters).


We live and we realize our activity in Calafat city, having as a neighbor Bulgaria, area of the country which is exposed, from time to time, to the floods determined by the Danube, fact that represents a latent danger.

We should mention the fact that a potential risk is represented by the county road Calfat – Ciupercenii Vechi, this one being partially flooded in every year when the Danube increases.

The Technological High School  ,, Petre Baniță ,,   Călărași is situated in the souther part of Dolj county, between the cities  Bechet and Dăbuleni. More exactly, it is situated on the road Bechet – Corabia, at 40  km from Corabia and at 72 km from Craiova. At 1 km, in the souther part, there is Sărata village which is a structure of our high school, being situated near the Danube river, at a distance of  8-10km. Concerning the disasters and the natural calamities that took place in our locality or that could affect in the future the population from the school we can talk about:


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