Yakimovo Municipality

Yakimovo municipality is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria and it is part of the administrative structure of Montana. The municipality is bordered on the north by the municipality of Lom, the east with the municipality Valchedram, south of Boychinovtsi Municipality and the Municipality of Montana and the West - with Medkovets Municipality.

Through the municipality passes a secondary road II-81 Sofia - Montana – Lom, railway line Sofia - Vidin - Lom and third class road III-818 - Lower Tserovene - Dolni Tsibar. The municipality is 221 958 sq. m, of which over 93.3% are agricultural land, 4.2% are settlements and areas, 2.3 percent - forest area and 0.9% - water areas.

Since 12.05.1977 has been formed settlement system Yakimovo that later, under new legislation becomes Municipality composed of four settlements. In the municipality there are no enterprises from key sectors of the economy.

The municipality has two ovens for bread and two mills for processing of wheat - one in village Yakimovo, with staff of 3 people and LTD "Petromel" in village Komoshtitsa, which employs 26 people. In village Yakimovo functions an oil mill for processing of sunflower seeds.

The main occupation of the population is mainly farming. The average annual production that is realized from agriculture is 54.4%, and livestock - 33.7%. This is 88.1% of the Fund's average annual production.

As Yakimovo municipality is typical agricultural municipalities in Bulgaria, it is quite naturally that the first idea for the development of the municipality is agriculture with its two sub-sectors: crop and animal production.

Agriculture is the sector that has the most significant potential for development in the municipality. This is determined by the availability of land and animals, experience and traditions in the field of plant and animal production and favorable weather conditions. Agricultural fund in the municipality is 203 994 decares. Over 60% of the land is farmed by cooperatives in the municipality are 4, tenants and small farmers. There are many uncultivated agricultural land.

Statistical data:

Area: 222 km²

Population (as of 31.12.2015): 4889 inhabitants

Places: Administrative center of the municipality is Yakimovo and Dalgodeltsi, Dolno Tserovene and Komoshtitsa.


Municipality Yakimovo

Tel .: 0882746919

is-mail: qkimovo@net-surf.net

Web: http://www.iakimovo.org


Voluntary formations:

VF in Yakimovo municipality was established in 2013. The number of the volunteers is five members. They have passed Module I - firefighting. Voluntary formation has a highly-accessible car; Fire truck equipped with a tank of 1T water, pump, 3 knapsack sprayers, blower Stihl with 12 liters water, beaters. Volunteers have no special clothing because the price is more than their allocation for clothing;

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