Varshets Municipality

Varshets is located at the bottom of Mount Todorini kukli, on the northern slopes of Stara Planina, in the midst of a large valley along the river Botunya.

Geological and geographical location it a climatic resort, famous for its warm mineral water and mild mountain climate, creating favorable conditions for conducting effective balneoclimatic treatment and prevention.

The mineral springs of Varshets have been used since Roman times and that testify the ruins of Roman forts, Roman coins and small ceramic tiles. The city is situated amidst extensive forests, the air is clean, slightly damp and soothing.
Varshetz occurred around mineral springs and its history is linked to thermal cures. Thracian boy - god Telesphorus whose unique bronze sculpture from the 2nd century BC was found in these places, today is a symbol of the city. Past the city starts from late antiquity under the name "Medeka" (Medicus-healing) to reach declaring it a national resort in 1950 and a city in 1964. The oldest written record of its existence dates back to the 6th century in Byzantine chronicles. In Kaleto where there are still ruins of the ancient fortress were found medical and pharmaceutical tools plate rubbing medicine. It is assumed that this toolkit is a military doctor, because in these garrisons they are camped troops to protect important roads for Serdika, Bono and others. The ancient name of Varshetz translated means hot, boiling water.

The first bath in the village, built in 1910, proved too narrow for incoming patients and in 1930 raised a second, larger. Mineral water gushing from several springs with temperatures of 37 ° C. The water is clear, colorless, alkaline, slightly mineralized, low water hardness and pleasant drinking taste. It contains aluminum, iron, barium, lithium, phosphate, manganese and the like. It is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, musculoskeletal and others. Composition mineral water has its analogues in Argentina, Ecuador, India. The resort has an excellent base of two spa clinics, numerous hotels, pensions, family pensions and others.
Статистически данни:

Statistical data:

Area: 240.11 km²

Population: 8078 people

Places: 10 settlements - the administrative center Varshets and 9 villages of Gorno pole, Gorno Ozirovo, Dolno Marinovo, Dolno Ozirovo, Draganitsa, Klisurski monastery, Spanchevtsi, Stoyanovo, Cherkasky.


Address: 3540 Varshets, Montana district, 10 Bulgaria str.


Tel .: 09527 / 22-22, 20-02, 0884051286

Fax: 09527 / 23-23


Voluntary formations:

Voluntary formation part of Varshets Municipality was established in 2013 reg M 111-01 in its membership includes 9 persons (7 employees of the Municipality Varshets, 1 – employee of ELECTROSTART and 1 - unemployed). In FORMATION three members are with university education and six members with secondary vocational, the average age of volunteers is 45-50 years. The idea was to engage young people and retired employees of the fire department but they show no interest. As a profession one of the member is a lawyer, one is an agronomist, an educator, and other with secondary vocational education. All have been undergone the first training module.

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