VALEA STANCIULUI commune, Dolj county

Valea Stanciului commune has 6,400 inhabitants, 2,370 households and 2,750 dwellings. The settlement has two villages, Valea Stanciului and Horezu Poenari, but, according to the mayor Alexandru Vlad, there are actually five: Valea Stanciului, Tuguresti, Bârza, Horezu Poenari and Grecesti.

The commune was founded by the Administrative Law of 31 March 1864, abolished in 1912, re-established in 1921, again abolished in 1950 to be re-established in 1968. It was part of Jiul de Jos (1864-1887), Balta (1887) - 1912) and Gângiova (1921 - 1950). In the old documents it was mentioned that the locality is located in the southern county of Dolj, in the eastern part of the Bailesti Plain at its contact with the Romanati Plain. The commune took its name from Paharnicul Stanciu, the son of Stroe, a boyar who, around 1700, had his estate on the left bank of the Jiu. Subsequently, the village moved from the left to the right of Jiu.

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