Valchedrum Municipality

Vulchedrum municipality is located in the western Danubian Plain and occupies the northeastern part of Montana. The relief Valchedram is lowland plains to hilly and provides excellent conditions for the development of crop and mechanized cultivation. Its territory falls entirely within the western Danubian Plain. Within the municipality Valchedram extends stretch of 13 km from the southern bank of the Danube. Vulchedrum municipality is predominantly temperate continental climate. The regime of rainfall is marked late spring (June) maximum and winter (the February) minimum and expressed tendency to balance the seasonal precipitation. The average annual rainfall is less than 500 mm.

In its present municipality was established by Decree 3005 of CPC PRB (prom. SG 78 from October 1987)after cancellation of Zlatiyskata community and its inclusion in the composition of Vulchedrum municipality.

In the municipality does not operate any businesses from major industrial sectors (mechanical engineering), but significant potential of agriculture and food industry. Lost are the traditional markets, internal and external. Structural changes and delayed privatization in the military-industrial complex led to mass deliverances. The unemployment rate is 1.5 times higher than the national average upward tendency and the Roma community - exceeds 50%.

Statistical data:

Area: 431.5 km2

Population: 9547 people

Places: 11 settlements - the administrative center of town Valchedram and 10 villages: Botevo, Bazovets, Septemvriitsi, Gorni Tsibar, Dolni Tsibar, Zlatiq, Ignatovo, Mokresh, Razgrad, Cherni Vrah.


Address: 3650 Valchedram, 18-20 Bulgaria Str.

Tel: 09744 / 34-44

Fax: 09744 / 34-06



Voluntary formations:

Formation consists of 11 volunteers, led by deputy mayor Mr. Avramov. All members have successfully completed training at the Center for professional training in the city of Montana. They have their own car on fire, as well as equipment for each volunteer. The voluntary team involved in eradication and mitigation in more than 50 accidents on the territory of their municipality and other municipalities.

 Volunteers of Valchedram help in overcoming the consequences of the floods in Mizia, George Damyanovo and in snowdrifts and ice on the territory of Montana. As part of the ESS participated in the National full-scale exercise "Protection - 2014"

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