URZICUTA commune, Dolj county

The commune is composed of the villages of Urzicuţa, Urzica Mare and Ionele. Urzicuţa commune is located in the central-southern part of Dolj county, having as neighbors the communes of Giurgiţa to the north and east, Bârca to the east, Bistreţ to the south, Afumaţi to the south and west, Siliciştea Cross to the west, located 55 km from the city Craiova, 18 km from Băileşti and 20 km from Segarcea.

The surface of the commune is 6072 ha, of which 290 ha in the urban area, and 5782 ha in the outbuilding.

The first evidence of this people is evidenced by several Roman coins discovered in a grave. The first houses (bordeia) were founded in the village of Urzica-Mare, on the property of the Holy Bishopric of Râmnic. The map of Captain Friederich Schwartz in 1718 shows the name Urzicuţa Verde. After the plague of 1785, some survivors established a settlement near the Baboia brook at the edge of the famous Brobintarii forests (now desalinated), a resident named Ionel built a few huts south of the oak forest of the village of Bârca in the local called " Clay with elms ". The last village component of the current settlement was established in 1924 by a miller named Orman, in the western area of ​​the locality, the area called "Deal".

According to the census carried out in 2011, Urzicuţa's population amounts to 3,128 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002, when there were 3,148 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (73.43%). The main minorities are Roma (22.12%) and Macedonians (3.45%). For 0.99% of the population, ethnicity is unknown. From the confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (98.95%). For 0.86% of the population, confessional membership is unknown.





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