Novo selo Municipality

Municipality of Novo Selo is located along the Danube. To the west and south borders  is the municipality of Bregovo Municipality and to the east - Vidin Municipality. Center of the municipality is Novo selo, located 25 km away from the town of Vidin.

The terrain is hilly and the climate is temperate - continental.

The municipality has a well - developed technical infrastructure.


For historical data and travelogues the administrative center dating from 1700 under the name Prosanets with 112 Christian homes. Due to plague and burning residents of the village emigrated as in 1772 they returned again and they founded current village called Novo Selo.
In the municipality operates one high school St. St. Cyril and Methodius, three all-day kindergartens and one united kindergarten.

Five community centers in the municipality retain and develop the traditions and customs of indigenous peoples. Today these centers are still supporting point of cultural and spiritual life.

Pride of the municipality is the building "Farmer - 1874", clock tower, two churches "Assumption" and "Saint Nicholas" and monuments of all local people died in the uprising in 1876 and the wars. The buildings are constructed under projects funds, funds of arch. Ilya Popov and donations from citizens of Novo Selo.

Municipality of Novo Selo has serious potential for development of agriculture. The total fund agricultural land is 90,520 acres. Main industry is plant where they covered mostly corn - corn and oilseeds. An important sector is viticulture. Vineyards occupy nearly ¼ of the total arable land, mainly cultivated wine varieties "Gamza", "Cabernet", "Merlot" and "Rkatsiteli".

Statistical data:

Area: 111 sq. km

Population (31.12.2015): 2 979 inhabitants

Places: The Municipality consists of five settlements - Novo Selo, Florentin, Yasen, Negovanovtsi, Vinarovo, located around 5 to 7 kilometers apart of each other.


Novo Selo - 3784, Vidin

St. "Arch. Ilya Popov "№ 89

Phone: +359 9316 / 22-25

Fax: +359 9316 / 22-69



Voluntary formations:

Voluntary formation "Disaster protection" to the Municipality of Novo Selo was built in 2011. The total number of volunteers for the municipality of Novo Selo, according to Decision № 327 / 25.04.2012 of the Council of Ministers are 5 people.


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