NEGOI commune, Dolj county

Small common border on the Danube, between Rast and Catane, with about 2,800 inhabitants, more than 500 being taken to other countries in search of work, the Negoi had an attached time and the current Catane commune. By 1845, the estate was the property of Prince Gheorghe Bibescu, a former ruler in Muntenia, from 1842 to 1848, when he abdicated

According to the 2011 census, Negoi's population stands at 2,235 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002 when there were 2,356 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (54.5%), with a minority of Roma (40.76%). For 4.74% of the population, ethnicity is unknown. From a confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (95.17%). For 4.74% of the population, confessional membership is unknown.

The Negoi commune is located in the southern county of Dolj, in the Danube meadow.

• North is bordered by the town of Bailesti and Afumati

• The South is bordering the Danube River

• The East is bordered by Catane

• The West is adjacent to Rast

 Altitude between 30 and 48 m, shape of relief: plain

  • Total Visitors: 48474