Montana Municipality

Montana Municipality is located in northwestern Bulgaria and is one of the municipalities of Montana district. It is located 113 km away from Sofia in north direction, 38 km away from Vratsa, about 50 kilometers south of the Danube and about 30 km east of the border with Serbia. The center of the municipality of Montana is Montana, which is situated on the river Ogosta. The landscape of Montana Municipality is mostly hilly. In its boundaries included parts of the Fore, very small parts of the hilly Danubian Plain and the Balkan Mountains. Montana has two modes of transport - buses and trains that connect the city with the rest of the country. There are regular bus lines to Sofia, Lom, Vidin, Belogradchik, Pleven and Vratsa, as well as on - smaller settlements. The bus station and railway station are within walking distance. Montana is transitional railway station on the line Boichinovtsi - Berkovitza. Only 22 km west of the town is Lopushanski monastery. In Montana there is an active cultural life. Among the main attractions of the city are Historical Museum and Art Gallery "Kiril Petrov", Drama Theatre, and famous historical monuments and sites are the architectural complex "Lapidarium" historical site Kale Bair, "Ashiklar Eco" Dam "Montana." The dam is located south of the city - a wonderful place for recreation, sport, water tourism and fishing. In the surrounding area there are many recreation facilities and restaurants.


Statistical data:

Area: 676.11

Population (as of 31.12.2015): 54,537 people

Places: 24 settlements, of which 1 Montana and 23 villages - Bezdenitsa, Belotintsi, Blagovo, Vinishte, Virove, Voinitsi, Gabrovnica, Gorna Verenitsa, Gorno Tserovene, Dr. Yosifovo, Dolna Verenitsa, Dolna Rixa, Dolno Belotintsi, Klisuritsa, Krapchene, Lipen, Nikolovo, Slavotin, Smolyanovtsi, Stubel, Studeno buche, Sumer, Trifonovo


Address: 3400 Montana, 1, Spring str.

Telephone: 096/300 400

Fax: 096/300 401



Voluntary formations:

Voluntary formation was founded in 2014 by a decision of the Municipal Council from 2013. It consists 35 people from the maximum of 40. For their recruitment the Municipality announces a public call. From the all recruited, 6 are people attracted by the call. The rest of them are officers in the Municipality - 7 persons and others are from sanitary office part of the municipality. Volunteers attended the initial training on first module in the Professional Centre of regional fire department in Montana (both parts without First Aid) - 26 people passed both modules; 9 undergone only the first part, because of their later recruitment. Three of volunteers were seconded to assist in Mizia during the flood in 2014. Some of the volunteers have been involved in international teaching. They did demonstrations on the day of the firefighter.

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