GOICEA commune, Dolj county

The commune of Goicea is located in the southwestern part of Romania and in the southern part of Oltenia. It is crossed by the Desnăţu River and it is part of the Romanian Plain, more precisely from the Băileşti Plain or Desnăţuiu Plain. The commune is situated in the southern part of the Dolj County, about 8 kilometers from the Danube and 60 kilometers away from Craiova.

The commune is made up of three villages - Goicea Mica, Goicea Mare and Popoviceni, who joined in 1968 to form the present commune. It was a village of serfs (serfs), owned by the 1864 agrarian reform of Cuza-voda. The first documentary testimony about Goicea dates back to 1575.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Goicea commands to 2,760 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002, when there were 3,134 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (98.04%). For 1.85% of the population, ethnicity is unknown. From the confessional point of view, most of the inhabitants are Orthodox (97.43%). For 1,85% of the population, confessional membership is unknown.

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