Chuprene Municipality

Chuprene municipality is located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, on the northern and northwestern slopes of the Balkan Mountain, near the state border with Serbia.

The distance from the municipal center Chuprene  to the capital Sofia is 160 km. To the town Montana is 60 km and to the town of Vidin is 75 km. The terrain is mostly mountainous, rugged and high altitude difference. The highest point is the highest peak in western Stara Planina peak "Midzhur" - 2.168 m, while the lowest point is near Falkovets - 320 meters.

A unique combination of vast plains, mountain rivers and majestic peaks make the municipality attractive for tourism.
If you like mountains, welcome to the feast of Chuprene Balkan, which is held the second Saturday of August in the "Bekinska shobarka" near the Biosphere Reserve "Chuprene" which since 1977 is in a UNESCO protected areas list.

In this wild and alluring corner of the Balkan Mountains, you can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenery and quiet, to feel the aroma of rare herbs and flowers, try the taste of wild raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Statistical data:

Area: 327.316 km²

Population (as of 31.12.2015): 2028 inhabitants

Places: the administrative-territorial boundaries of the municipality includes the following settlements - Varbovo, Gorni Lom, Dolni Lom, Protopopintsi, Replyana, Sredogriv, Targovishte and administrative center Chuprene.


3950 Chuprene Municipality

55 Asen Balkanski str.

Tel.: 09327/2580

Fax: 09327/2402



Voluntary formations:

VF "Chuprene" was established in May 2014. Its members are 10 volunteers. A procedure for the inclusion of another 5 people to the volunteer squad has been launched. All volunteers are employees of the municipal administration Chuprene. Part of members in VF, are with university degree / secretary of the municipality, ecology expert, and local tax expert. The rest 7 members are with high school vocational degree. Average age is about 40 years. All volunteers have completed initial training in Module I with workload 80 hours / 29 h theory and 51 hours practical exercises and passed tests. The activity of formation is entirely within the municipality by participating only in crisis situations, fires, and rescue activities. Formation has a fire engine donated by the German community.

The voluntary formation could use some equipment, owned by the Municipality: trucks, backhoe loader, excavator, jeep, vans, buses.


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