Bregovo Municipality

Bregovo municipality is located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, between the banks of the Danube and Timok rivers. The land borders with the Republic of Serbia (through the Timok River and land) to the north - with Romania (by the Danube) to the east, south and southeast - with the municipalities of Novo Selo, Vidin and Boynitsa.

In the municipality operates Bregovo checkpoint, the northerst transport link between Bulgaria and Serbia, where is built a modern border inspection post, meeting all European requirements for border control and inspection of food products of animal origin. Bregovo checkpoint is along the secondary road II 12 OP Vidin - Inovo - Bregovo - Serbia border and connects the towns of Bregovo and Negotin (Serbia).

The terrain in the municipality is flat and hilly in the villages of Kosovo, Deleyna and Gamzovo.

Bregovo municipality is a rural area, dependent on agriculture and livestock as a source of employment and income. Appropriate climatic conditions and fertile soils favor the development of bread and fodder production, viticulture, horticulture, vegetables, sheep and cattle.

The municipality is located these historical sites: "Dortikum" (Roman castle) near Vrav village, excavations from Roman times near the village of Balei, Tatar well near village of Kudelin.

Statistic data: 

Area of: 180 км2 
Population (31.12.2013): 5245 жители 
Populated places: 1 town – Bregovo (municipal centre); 9 villages - Balei, Deleyna, Gamzovo, Kalina, Kosovo, Kudelin, Rakitnitsa, Tianovtsi, Vrav 
Larger settlements:
Bregovo: 2431 inhabitnans


Address: 3790 Bregovo, Bulgaria, Centralen sqr. №1

Telephone: +359 9312/ 98 21, 98 19

Fax: +359 882 923 300


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