Belogradchik Municipality

Belogradchik municipality is located in northwestern Bulgaria and is one of the municipalities of Vidin district. The administrative center is the town of Belogradchik.

The municipality is located in the southwestern part of Vidin district. With a surface area of 410,665 km2 occupies second place among the 11 municipalities of the region, which constitutes 13.45% of the region.

Relief is medium, low mountainous and hilly. Its territory conditionally falls into two physical geographic regions of Bulgaria - Western Balkan and Western ForeBalkan.

South and southwest of the town of Belogradchik, forebalcanic Ridge Venice is famous Belogradchik Rocks. Besides them, southwest of the city there are many bizarre rock formations, the subject of tourism and mountaineering. Such interesting rock formations are located in the northwestern part of the hill Vedernik east of village Salash. In the isolated hill Rabisha mound is another natural phenomenon - Magura cave.

Statistical data:

Area: 410.67 km²

Population: 6602 inhabitants

Places: 18 (Borovitza, Veshtizha, Varba, Granitovo, Granichak, Dubravka, Krachimir, Oshane, Praujda, Prolaznitsa, Rabisha Rayanovtsi, Salash, Slivovnik, Stakevtsi, Stuindol, Chiflik)


Address: 3900 Belogradchik Street. "Knyaz Boris I" №6

Tel. / Fax: 0936 5 30 17, e-mail:

Hours: 08:00 to 12:00; 13:00 to 17:00 pm every working day

Web address:

Voluntary formation:

Voluntary formation "Belogradchik" is registered in the register of voluntary units for protection against fires, disasters and emergencies of DG "FSPP" - MoI. To voluntary formation are registered and involved ten volunteers entered in the register with the corresponding personal identification number consisting of nine men and one woman. Four of them are employees of the municipal administration - Belogradchik, three of them are with higher education expert positions and one secondary education, occupying the position of "driver". Head of the voluntary formation is a former employee of RD "FSPP" -Belogradchik. The other volunteers are working in different companies and enterprises.

В края на 2013г. напускат двама от доброволците поради започване на работа в Гранична полиция. Поради лични причини /заминаване в чужбина, промяна в местоживеенето/, по молба на трима от доброволците през 2015г.  са заличени техните данни от регистъра. Към момента доброволците в доброволно формирование „Белоградчик“ са петима. В процес на вписване в регистъра са още петима.

At the end of 2013. leaving two of volunteers due to start work in the Border Police. Due to personal reasons / departure abroad, a change in residence / at the request of three of volunteers in 2015. They were deleted their data from the register. Currently volunteers in voluntary formation "corner" are five. In the process of entry in the register are five more.


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