About the Project

Project "Community Opposition of Disastrous Events" (CODE) is financed by Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme. The project partners are Association Vasiliada - Craiova, Romania (lead partner), Free Youth Centre - Vidin, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Red Cross and Rd Cross - Dolj, Romania. The general objective of the project is to increase local capacity in rural areas of Romania-Bulgaria border region (regions of Dolj in Romania, Vidin and Montana in Bulgaria) for disasters’ prevention and mitigation trough development of extended volunteer units and their better preparation, including in a cross-border context.  The envisaged budget on the project is 280 566,42 EUR, provided by European Union through European Regional Development Fund, the governments of Romania and Bulgaria and the project partners. 

Aid for refugees from Ukraine

10.03.2021 The Free Youth Centre provided teaching aids, shoes and questionable equipment to the children of refugees from the war in Ukraine. Efforts continue to speed up the integration of refugees in Vidin, including children's access to kindergartens and schools in the city.

Volunteer Handbook

01.10.2021 The Free Youth Centre has issued a Volunteer Handbook for young people interested in volunteering in emergencies. The handbook is a product of the cross-border project "Moving Borders for Emergency Volunteering", implemented with partner from Serbia under INTERREG-IPA Programme. The main goal of the project was to increase the motivation for volunteering in emergency situations, developing youth volunteering.

Information materials on several types of natural and domestic disasters

01.11.2021 The Vasiliada Association has developed a set of information materials on several types of natural and domestic disasters, which were published on 01.11.2021, as well as information on how families can maintain their homes. The experience of the Project "CODE - Community Opposition Against Disaster Events" was used to make the promotional materials, which provided theoretical and practical opportunities for acquiring knowledge, skills, protection and self-defense in case of possible disaster risks.

Distribution of material for emergency situations, in Argetoaia

22.10.2021. On 22.10.2021, the Vasiliada Association distributed to 200 children from Argetoaia Commune, packages consisting of fruits, coloring booklets about emergencies, a set of colored pencils.


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